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Outlander Kitchen Cookbook Review

Outlander Kitchen Cookbook Review

Outlander Kitchen: The Official Outlander Companion Cookbook

I have to admit, I didn’t have high hopes for Outlander Kitchen.
There’s something about books that are sort of ‘off-shoots’ of bestsellers that often disappoints. This was not one of those.

After watching the Outlander series on tv (I haven’t read any of the books yet – eek -but will!) I was intrigued by the cookbook enough to buy it.

Outlander Kitchen cookbook

I have made these recipes from the book:
Buckwheat pancakes
Pizza Dough and Pizza
Shepherd’s Pie
Chocolate Biscuits
Scotch Pies

The one that didn’t turn out as nicely as hoped, was the Scotch Pie. But I only tried the recipe once, and I have to admit, sometimes it’s my own human error rather than the recipe. Before giving a thumb’s down on something, I like to try it twice unless it’s obvious that’s it’s a poor recipe, which this wasn’t.

The pizza dough recipe is honestly the best I have used. My ‘go-to’ used to be Bobby Flay’s version, but this one surpasses – and I have books that are solely dedicated to pizza and pizza dough that don’t compare. I believe it’s the few tips about oven pre-heating etc that make this outstanding.

The Shepherd’s Pie is wonderful made with lamb or ground beef (which makes it a Cottage Pie) – it was excellent and will be in rotation in our household!

Buckwheat pancakes – I didn’t think I liked Buckwheat Pancakes, but surprise!  I do, at least from this recipe. Photo above is the end result.

Lastly, the Chocolate Biscuits I tried were satisfying and healthy tasting (in a positive way) and they look very pretty.

So my opinion ?
This book is worth the price, and can hold its own against other, more, traditional cookbooks.

Outlander Kitchen by Therese Carle-Sanders is available on Amazon.