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Whites, a tasty series now on Acorn TV

Whites, a tasty series now on Acorn TV

A busy kitchen, a country hotel…Whites

Whites centers around the bustling kitchen of a grand country estate turned boutique hotel in the English countryside.

The hotel’s star chef, Roland White, a once driven and brilliant man about kitchen, now spends most of his time dreaming up ideas to promote his image rather than cooking (though flashes of his culinary mastery appear now and then).

The everyday workload he leaves to his sous chef, Bib, a very tall man with a responsible demeanor who is constantly being un-rewarded for his actions.

Not only is Bib underappreciated by Roland, but from the first episode we are introduced to a new hire, Skoose, who five minutes in makes it known h’s after Bib’s job.
Skoose does everything to undermine him, despite the fact that Bib is his immediate supervisor, and he has a lack of experience.

Like many a British comedy, there is an amusing cast of misfits. The tone and the interactions of the characters remind me a little of the original (British) The Office series. But of course, Whites is set in a kitchen, with good food, and in a lovely mansion rather than a non-descript office building with reams of paper.

Whites is a dramedy, tilting more towards comedy, and I enjoyed every episode of season 1. However, this being an original BBC production that came out in 2010 (and was just made available in the US via Acorn) I am sad to say that it was not renewed, and so one season is all we get.

Whites is available to view on Acorn TV. You must be a subscriber to the channel, however you can check it out with a free trail at the link below:

Acorn TV series

If you like this series, you’ll probably like another ‘foodie’ series, also set in a beautiful, boutique hotel, also on Acorn (I love this channel btw):


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