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Chef’s Table Massimo Bottura Food Documentary

Chef’s Table Massimo Bottura Food Documentary

¬†Massimo Bottura’s Table In 2012 two earthquakes hit the Emilia-Romagna region that caused wide-spread damage. This is the land of Parmigiano-Reggiano, and where the medieval Italian village of Modena sits. It’s also where famed chef Massimo Bottura and his three-star Michelin restaurant Osteria Francescana reside.

Whites, a tasty series now on Acorn TV

Whites, a tasty series now on Acorn TV

A busy kitchen, a country hotel…Whites Whites centers around the bustling kitchen of a grand country estate turned boutique hotel in the English countryside. The hotel’s star chef, Roland White, a once driven and brilliant man about kitchen, now spends most of his time dreaming […]

Delicious, a British television series for Foodies

Delicious, a British television series for Foodies

Delicious, a show for food lovers (sort of)…

If you’re a British television lover as I am, you may also be a subscriber to Acorn TV. If you’re not and you’ve never heard of Acorn, then most likely you’ve missed Delicious, a British television series starring Dawn French, Iain Glenn, and Emilia Fox.

I was really excited when I saw the announcement for this program. I mean, the poster says it all, right? Food, drama, passion – count me in!

The opening scene of episode one  is very tempting indeed with a kitchen sequence that makes you momentarily want to become a professional cook. But of course, this is television and not real life where one would have to deal with low pay and long hours hunched over a hot pan and so on. Anyway.

I watched all four episodes in fairly rapid succession. There are a few surprises here and there, I’m glad it’s renewed, and I’ll continue watching. The draw for me is not so much the plot or story though, it’s the setting.

The show revolves around a gorgeous boutique hotel with a noted restaurant set in Cornwall. The main characters all have their quirks and in the first episode something happens that causes secrets to spill – one after the other in a sort of domino effect. Since I don’t want to spoil things, I’ll let you find out what the catalyst was for this chain of events. Suffice to say that it involves a love triangle (doesn’t it always?).

One disappointment about the show is that there isn’t more of what was in the beginning of the first episode – the passion, excitement and rhythm of a five star kitchen. However, as I said, the scenery is gorgeous, the food is colorful, and I happen to be a fan of both Dawn French and Emilia Fox.

You can start a free trial of Acorn and watch Delicious, or you can watch the trailer at the link below – a note about the trailer though, I don’t think it shows the best parts of the show.

Click here to visit: Acorn’s series homepage


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